How We're Different

What makes Pivot Point Marketing different from other marketing strategists?

Over two decades of experience delivering results to a diverse, international base of clients has provided us with the expertise to perform and be accountable for generating the results you seek. From the fast-paced world of technology marketing to manufacturing and consumer-based services we bring proven insights to profiling target audience and tailoring ideas that will help you ignite your business strategy! You will never be a "me-too" proposition when compared to the competition.

We are People2People marketers connecting customers to your products and services by making an emotional connection that makes them memorable. People2People marketing gets you r target audience excited about your brand, engage with you and buy from you. 

The key principles for proven marketing success haven't changed over the years, but the tools and techniques have ... and we use them all! 


If you're serious about driving business, brand loyalty and generating results - we're an excellent choice as a collaborative partner. 

"I had the pleasure of working with Angelia during the process of developing a business plan & marketing strategy for the organization. The enthusiasm that she brought to task was contagious and her work for us was exemplary. Highly recommended."

- Bob MacDonald, Partner, Bridge Learning Technologies