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Video Marketing Stats that Will Make You Go - Wow!

Posted on Sep 21, 2017

If you're considering incorporating a video marketing strategy into your digital marketing mix, this recent study will fuel your efforts. In fact, according to the study, over 500 million hours of YouTube are watched each day and over half of the video viewed is mobile.

If you haven't mastered the basics, Understanding YouTube 101: How to get your video viewed, watched and shared - is essential. Your content has to stand out. Videos need to focus on the interests and needs of your viewers in order for them to watch it. What's clear is that video makes a greater emotional connection with your target audience - and that makes you more memorable. By engaging more of your senses - sight, sound and hearing - you remember content better. 

Video is a unique platform where you can show people the benefits of your products and services - not just write about them. Ask yourself, are your competitors reaching out to your customers through video? Have you used video to connect with products and services your love and use? Can video do a better job of "telling your story" for either a product or service's features and benefits using a visual platform? Answering "yes" means you can readily benefit from including video in your digital marketing mix. 

Don't miss a great opportunity to connect with your target audience!