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Pivot Point is an innovator in promoting sexual empowerment and wellness while being woman-friendly. Site visitors are encouraged to discover the beauty, dignity, confidence, strength, and freedom inherent in their sexuality through the extensive selection of luxury sex toys, tips and techniques available at Bloom’s goal is to empower women to be sexually confident by being "Sexy, Healthy, Smart".

Project Description

Logo & Brand Elements

The Bloom brand was created to be elegant and chic. Colors are warm, welcoming and sophisticated in tone for site visitors.Branding was critical in setting Bloom apart from other ecommerce adult toy stores. BloomEnjoyYourself redefines how women shop for sex toys by ensuring all imagery and brand elements reflect the targeted demographic of affluent women over forty. The torso image has been featured as it is fun, accessible and engaging.


When you are at the forefront of the new sexual revolution, it's important to set the bar higher than the competition. The BloomEnjoyYourself website uses consistent imagery that creates intrigue and curiosity which includes, the torso image, bloom logo, position statement “Enjoy Yourself” and tagline “Sexy, Healthy, Smart”.The tasteful use of words and vocabulary throughout the website appeal to an educated audience. The colour scheme is feminine and welcoming while photos and imagery are used make a woman or their partner feel emotionally safe and secure when ordering from Bloom. 

Product Branding

Bloom Essentials Sets were created to be the starting point and voyage of discovery for Bloom clientele. Whether they are new to exploring, or wanting something new to add to their collection, Bloom Essentials Sets are curated to be the most satisfying combination. Logos were created to easily promote these sets through banners, online advertising and affiliate programs. 

Social Media & Public Relations was officially launched in a press release May, 2013. The release was covered by a worldwide audience including the Wall Street Journal and CBS NewsWatch. A social media strategy has been deployed for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Click here for the BloomEnjoyYourself launch press release that was published in numerous international publications including The Wall Street Journal.


The BloomEnjoyYourself brand was promoted events throughout North America. Desktop banners and promotional pieces were created to support the launch of the site and new membership "House of Bloom".

BloomEnjoyYourself was sold in 2016 so there is no longer an online presence for this company.

PPM Services

  • B2C, P2P Marketing strategy 
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand development
  • Website development and design
  • eCommerce 
  • Marketing Communications
  • Sales collateral
  • Affiliate marketing
  • PR/Social Media
  • Events/Promotions
  • Advertising

"Some of the most important assets in driving a business to success are positive attitude, laser focus, and hard work. Angelia has these in spades. She has been invaluable in helping lay the strong foundation for my business, and has been a delight to work with."

- Jillian Bice, Founder and CEO,