How do you bill for projects and services?

We bill our clients on a project-basis. Simply put, we work with you to determine the scope of work and provide an estimate for a project. You will know up-front the maximum amount to complete the marketing project you require. Any time billed beyond the initial project, due to changes in scope of work, requires written authorization from our clients.

What if I have ongoing projects that require Pivot Point Marketing's expertise over several months?

In cases where Pivot Point Marketing is retained for ongoing marketing expertise and projects a project-based rate is established with a maximum for the number of hours billed per month. Any excess hours are rolled into the next month. Once a client project is complete all hours are rolled into a final bill. We don't like surprises and neither do our clients. So any changes in billing is always given in advance for written approval. All we ask is to be given 30 days notice prior to cancelling a retainer as we are dedicating those hours to complete work for you and this notice gives us time to distribute these hours to other accounts.

Does Pivot Point Marketing bill on behalf of their strategic parnters?

No. We only bill for our marketing services. Any creative work, social media marketing, PR or promotions that are handled directly through our partners are billed separately through their companies.

Do I own the finished creative work, logos, photos and brand imagery?

Yes.  You own the completed logos and brand imagery. We provide final art files to our clients in various formats for your unlimited use. The only exception is when we use stock photography. In some cases, these images require a one-time fee or royalty fee and these fees are disclosed up front prior to completing any creative work.

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