About Us

Pivot Point Marketing was founded by Angelia Darnbrough and is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The organization was created with the belief that companies and associations all have a unique pivot point – the one thing that makes them memorable, desirable and valued – by their target audience. It is what sets them apart in the marketplace.

Working with a virtual team from Canada and the United States, we provide comprehensive marketing strategy and services to our diverse mix of international clients. We have the proven knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm that generates results! Most of all, we're fun to work with and we inspire our clients to extend their brand to new frontiers and ignite their business strategy to perform in the digital age.

Angelia Darnbrough – Marketing Strategist and Principal

Angelia has always had a passion and enthusiasm for marketing and it’s evident in all that she has accomplished since she started her career in 1990. She has worked with large and small companies – focusing primarily in the high technology and software sectors where marketing was fast-paced and constantly undergoing change.

In the mid-90s, Angelia was VP Marketing for an advertising agency in Chicago, IL which focused on brand creation, website development and launching integrated marketing campaigns. Her ability to handle a diverse mix of clients, and their unique needs, was put to the test while managing and growing the company’s base of business. Since then, she has developed a process for People2People marketing where she connects customers to products and services by establishing an emotional connection that makes them memorable. People2People marketing gets your target audience excited about your brand, and leads them to engage and buy from you. 

When you collaborate with Angelia, you know that you are working with someone who is an expert in their field. Her enthusiasm is contagious and professionalism, solid. She continues to receive accolades for being qualified, creative, focused, strategic and results-driven. Using her practical wisdom and proven online strategies, she continues to expand her business through a strong referral base of clients. 

Angelia believes in giving back to the community. Her passion for marketing extends beyond this firm where she volunteers her time for community-driven associations and organizations. She has served on: The West Vancouver Community Centres (WVCC) Society Communications Committee, Hollyburn Wado-Kai Karate Committee and has volunteered for the Society for Children and Youth of BC . She is a former member of the WVCC Society’s Pumpkinfest Communications Committee serving for two years as well as being an event sponsor. She has also been boys team manager for the West Vancouver Soccer Club

Sponsoring the Scavenger hunt with the West Vancouver Police Department at the West Vancouver PumpkinFest

For details about Angelia’s work history, view her LinkedIn profile.

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“Angelia is extremely capable and motivated. She is always professional and solutions oriented. She was always willing to take on any task, large or small. Her contribution went far beyond marketing. She brought in sales, managed project managers and account leads and contributed to the strategic vision of the company. A large amount of the success of the business was directly related to her hard work."

- Chris Brandt, former VP, PiperStudiosInc

“Angelia  brought an amazing ability to work at a strategic level, be creative, yet watch the details. She is a pleasure to work with and readily fostered a productive relationship with others. I heartily recommend Angelia."

- Betty Shanahan, former VP Product Development & Marketing,
Stellent/INSO Corp.